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The Ultimate Trick & Treat Experience

It’s our favourite time of year, and 2022 is bigger than ever!

Get downright ghoulish with our billowing, bloodcurdling creations, sure to impress your guests.

We’ve done everything from Resident Evil to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde via Nightmare on Elm Street and back again.

Creating scrumptiously scary treats served by suitably freaky staff from our weird and wonderful Nitro Rigs is what we do best.

Join us as we bring your dark and twisted fantasies out of the lab and into the world.

Get in touch to find out more about some of our favourite Halloween themes or set us a challenge and we’ll take on your craziest nightmares.


Example event ideas

Nitro Dessert Station...An Experiment Gone Wrong!

One of our most popular Halloween themes is our Radiation Lab. This science scene gone wrong is complete with glow in the dark Instant Sorbet, mad Nitro Ice Cream flavours (a garnish of insects to name but one), and vibrant ‘toxic’ Dragon’s Breath Meringues.

Set in a glow of UV and bubbling beakers and topped off with our mad scientists. This is a fun and interactive option before you take into account the billowing smoke and laughter inducing food that comes as standard!

Sample Menu

Bloody Mary’s Eye Ball Bubbles | Chilli and Charcoal Dragon’s Breath Meringues | Minted Milk Ectoplasm Sorbet | Salted Chocolate Instant Ice Cream + Edible Worm | Death in The Afternoon Black Olive Bubbles | Stranger and Stranger Things Strawberry & Black Pepper Sorbet | Dark Arts Apple & Caramel Instant Ice Cream | Malted Mother of Dragon’s Breath Meringues

Doesn’t quite fit your theme? Get in touch and we’ll work with you to create custom halloween packages.

Zombie Apocalypse Antidote Bar...

Want creative halloween cocktails…look no further than our Antidote Bar.

A trail of zombie destruction lays all around in this apocalyptic out post.  Blood bag cocktails and test tube revivers will deck the bar top, surrounded by blood spattered sheeting, obscure medical equipment and endless hazard tape.

Additional smoke machines, interactive scent garnishes and bubbling dry ice drinks will add to the drama and theatre.

Finally our last surviving lab techs will be intertwined with zombie bar staff to supply guests with a memorable experience.

Sample Menu

‘Antidote’ Vodka le Fizz Test Tubes | Raspberry + Rhubarb Blood Bag | Witches’ Green Gimlet Brew |  Radioactive Clarified Margarita Vaccine Syringes

Doesn’t quite fit your theme? Get in touch and we’ll work with you to create custom halloween dressing.

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