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GG Rigs & Themes

The Look...

We’ve got more than a few looks in the wardrobe. Simple style. Flamboyant Flair. A little bit of sass. We can customise our Nitro Rigs for any occasion + will work with you to make sure we fit into your event space just so. We like to get things up + running fast, delight your guests + disappear into the ether leaving a trail of flavour memories in our wake.

Our favourite House Rigs:

Mad Science                                Gardener’s World

Contemporary Funk                     Steampunk

Apocalypse                   Phileas Fogg

Christmas Labland                           Neon

Example event ideas

Make it Bespoke

If you want to take things to the next level, we’ve got you. From simple logo facia through to completely bespoke brand rigs and even fully supercharged end-to-end venue dressing plus custom menus, decor, immersive scripts + staff uniforms that are designed to communicate + amplify what you’re all about. We know how to bring a brand message to life.

We’ll handle the whole process from printing through to delivery + application so you can keep focused on every whizz, bang and pop that our goodies have to offer.

Mad Science

Gardeners World

Contemporary Funk

Steam Punk

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