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Edible Adventures

Food like no other

Food is our forte…

Whether it is enjoying a freshly shucked oyster from our roaming Oyster Boys or being left in fits of laughter after experiencing our Dragon’s Breath nitro meringues. We’ll create memories.

Example event ideas

Full Shebang Nitro Dessert Rig

Want more than just ice cream?

Our full shebang offers not only the worlds favourite dessert but kicks the level up 10 fold with our wow factor meringues and quirky, curious burst in your mouth fruit bubbles.

These things make you stop + think what the…? A flavour brainteaser and memory maker.

For extra fun, add in our chocolate sauce tap and boozy dessert cocktails!

Dragon's Breath Meringue Rig

Poached in liquid nitrogen, our Dragon’s Breath Meringues are the ultimate showstopper…a vapour filled gulp with instant giggle-inducing effects. Needless to say, guests billowing like dragons creates a bit of buzz + they also taste damn good.

Roaming Oyster Boys

The ultimate alternative canapé, shucked to order. Our Oyster Boys (people) are all highly knowledgeable in the wonderful world of oysters and full of top drawer banter!

Nitro Ice Cream Rig

Flash frozen at -196C in a cloud of billowing vapour, our ice creams + sorbets are conjured instantly for the ultimate ‘Holy Sh*!!’ moment + the smoothest cold stuff you’ll ever taste. 


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