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Drinks Experiences

Next level libations

DIY cocktail wall that challenges guests to roll up their sleeves + enjoy the fruits of their libation labour under the tutelage of our alchemy mixologists.

Mind bending cocktails that can rock the bar setup or tease tastebuds with a full immersive boozy lab experience.

A roaming cocktail cabinet crammed with tinctures, potions + secrets to stimulate both palate & mind.

On tap cocktails served from a beautiful trike for when you absolutely, positively must let the good times flow.

In our world of tipsy there’s no shortage of toys to play with.

Example event ideas

Cocktail Trike

Our traditional trike has all the style and grace you’d expect but with a contemporary cocktail twist.

Delicious cocktails served on tap, self stirring ice, colour changing garnishes and smoking bubbles to name but a few of its exciting features.

DIY Cocktail Wall and Mobile Trunk

Tinctures, taps, powders, specimens…

Let your guests unleash their inner bartender to make their own.

Choose from our roaming trunk for small and intimate events. Or go big and bold with our customisable Cocktail Wall of Wonder, with taps, gizmos and quirky garnishes that will become the main attraction for any event or brand activation.

The Cocktail Experience Lab

This is a totally unique, visually impactful and fully immersive cocktail experience. Our walk through cocktail lab takes guests on a fun and engaging journey that culminates in a deliciously boozy finale…created to their specific taste.

Custom design and build to fit your event styling and theme.

An interactive cocktail making experience including cocktail taps and buttons, automated shaking and stirring machines, aromas, foams and sounds.

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