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Christmas 2022

Let us take you on a flavour sleigh ride...

Christmas is a time when you get the chance to go wild and really create an event that guests remember for years to come.

With festive bashes a dime a dozen and spread out over a couple of weeks, the key is to stand out and make a splash!

We can add the seasonal magic to any Christmas occasion. From liquid nitrogen desserts in a backdrop of mistletoe vapour. To multi-sensory, interactive festive cocktail instalments.  Not to mention your boozy virtual Xmas party needs.

Dressing it all up in every Christmas theme under the sun!!

Example event ideas

Is it the year of the In-Office Christmas party?!

As the cost of living spirals it seems like theres a momentum shift to office based festive celebrations this year.

And while amazing, large scale Christmas showcases with the full regalia of entertainment will still happen. For those more paired back, office based parties, we’re still here to offer incredible bang for your buck.

It makes choosing simple but impactful food, drink and entertainment even more important. And that’s where products such as our cocktail trike or compact nitro dessert stations can bring the smallest party to life.

So get in touch to discuss how we can add this years Xmas party talking point…small or large!

The Ultimate Tipple

Our brand new Cocktail Wall is an interactive, do it yourself yuletide cocktail making experience like no other.

From 5-10 metres long and themed to seamlessly slide into your Xmas party vibes this is big impact and big entertainment.

Guests will journey along the wall pulling levers, pressing buttons, atomizing, vapourising, foaming and more. Emerging with their uniquely perfect cocktail.

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