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Project X(mas)…Labland

Welcome to Prof Crimbo’s Labland…

So we’ve all seen the commercialised inner workings of the Lapland toy machine but have you ever considered who devices the perfect route plan for Santa?

What is the optimum wattage for Rudolphs nose during a snow storm. Or simply, whats the best joke to bang ratio for the ultimate cracker!

This year, we delve into the mind and magic of Santa’s forgotten, geeky brother…Prof Crimbo. A cross between a mad science lab, Q branch and a home for broken toys, Labland is Prof Crimbos man cave, serving up a smoke filled Nitro mix on classic Christmas flavours.

As standard you and your guests will enjoy the best of our Nitro Dessert Rigs (Dragon’s Breath Meringues, Instant Ice Cream, Nitro Sorbet, and Bubbles) with a few added splashes of Xmas magic such as our Ultimate Toppings station with an array of sprinkable treats as well as our Truffle Chocolate Tap…sauce on steroids!

Add a bit of booze? Check out our Curious
Festive Cocktails.

Crimbo’s Christmas Flavour Foolery…

Nitro Desserts…

Gold Coin Dragon’s Breath Meringues
Minced Pie Ripple Instant Ice Cream + Puff
Spiced Clementine Nitro Sorbet + Pain d’Epice Crumb
Mulled Wine Bubble Bubble

Curious Cocktails

Honey Bear Old Fashioned + Hand Cut Ice
Chocolate Orange White Russian + Flamed Marshmallow
Dark Rum + Spiced Apricot + Mint

DIY Cocktail

Fig Infused Gin + Cardamom Soda + Spiced Foam

Bubble Cocktail

Vanilla infused Vodka + Ginger and Thyme + Spiced Bloody Peach Bubble

Merry Christmas…

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