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We play with our food… jaw dropping liquid nitrogen desserts, curious cocktails + molecular treats that combine striking visual spectacle + insane flavour to bring you mouthfuls of delicious experience that just can’t be forgotten.

Our banter-filled Gastronomy Guys amuse with mad theories, stories + knowledge from their command posts in our custom Nitro Rig stations that do a little more than just catch the eye.

With a treasure trove of signature menus + themed rig designs alongside the ability to create completely bespoke event experiences, we know how to tickle taste buds quite unlike anyone else.. explosive flavours, captivating entertainment + unforgettable interactions. In our world… you’re allowed to play with your food.

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Dragon's Breath Meringues

Poached in liquid nitrogen, our Dragon’s Breath Meringues are the ultimate showstopper…a vapour filled gulp with instant giggle-inducing effects. Needless to say, guests billowing like dragons creates a bit of buzz + they also taste damn good.

Some of our flavours

Lemon & Lime

Raspberry Ripple

Blueberry Cheesecake

Becky Handley, Theme Traders

We absolutely love working with Gastronomy Guys and wish we could have them at every single event. From extraordinary edible delights to some of the best bespoke cocktails we have ever tasted they always go above and beyond, exceeding ours and our clients expectations. On top of this the team are wonderful to work with; creative, professional and always super friendly.

Instant Ice Cream | Nitro Sorbet

Flash frozen at -196C in a cloud of billowing vapour, our ice creams + sorbets are conjured instantly for the ultimate ‘Holy Sh*!!’ moment + the smoothest cold stuff you’ll ever taste.

Burnt Marshmallow + Chocolate, Bacon & Eggs, boozy Piña Colada with… locust powder. Trust us, it works. We’re always working on new flavours in the lab so name your poison and we’ll transform it into an incredible cocktail ice cream. If you can imagine it, we can ice cream it… instantly.

Some of our flavours

Burnt Marshmallow & Chocolate

Nutmeg & Mascarponi

Baked Pear & Rosemary

Peanut Butter & Jelly

James Creedy, Contraband International

We have used the innovative and original services of Robin and his team for years, and always get positive feedback from our clients. I'd hugely recommend them to anybody that asked

Burst in your Mouth Bubbles

Little liquid pouches of culinary wonderment, our reverse spherification bubbles burst in your mouth releasing a wonderfully quirky liquid surprise.

These things make you stop + think what the…? A flavour brainteaser alongside our nitro treats but also a familiar sidekick to a glass of bubbly or in one of our cocktails.

Some of our flavours

Mango & Passionfruit

Green Apple

Kefir & Yuzu


Curious Cocktails

DIY cocktail rigs that challenge guests to roll up their sleeves + enjoy the fruits of their libation labour under the tutelage of our alchemy mixologists.

Stunning beaker cocktails that can rock the bar setup
or tease tastebuds with a full immersive boozy lab experience.

A roaming cocktail cabinet crammed with tinctures, potions + secrets to stimulate both palate & mind.

A nitro cocktail tap for when you absolutely, positively must let the good times flow.

In our world of tipsy there’s no shortage of toys to play with.

Some of our flavours

DIY - Strawberry infused Averna, Citric Acid, Cream Soda, Lavender Foam

Curious Bubble - Blueberry Sour

Curious - Frozen Watermelon Martini

Bellini Bubble

We suit all occasions


We know first hand how important and personal weddings are, which is why we’ll basically do whatever you want.

Whether its a slick and stylish facade to go with your beautiful rustic tables and shabby chic decor, or a world of debauchery to enhance your late night boozy demise…we’ll provide a guaranteed ‘wow factor’ that will entertain your guests in a unique way.


Whether it’s simple style you’re looking for or outrageously flamboyant flair, we are able to customise your event from top to bottom.

Theatre, intrigue and drama are boundless with our ability to curate our offerings and Nitro Rigs around your event or theme.

Alternatively tap into the wacky inner sanctum of the Gastronomy Guys brain for insight into some of our most magnificent fantasies…give us a call to find out more.


Welcome to Prof Crimbo’s Labland…

So we’ve all seen the commercialised inner workings of the Lapland toy machine but have you ever considered who devices the perfect route plan for Santa?

What is the optimum wattage for Rudolphs nose during a snow storm. Or simply, whats the best joke to bang ratio for the ultimate cracker!

This year, we delve into the mind and magic of Santa’s forgotten, geeky brother…Prof Crimbo. A cross between a mad science lab, Q branch and a home for broken toys, Labland is Prof Crimbos man cave, serving up a smoke filled Nitro mix on classic Christmas flavours.

As standard you and your guests will enjoy the best of our Nitro Dessert Rigs (Dragon’s Breath Meringues, Instant Ice Cream, Nitro Sorbet, and Bubbles) with a few added splashes of Xmas magic such as our Ultimate Toppings station with an array of sprinkable treats as well as our Truffle Chocolate Tap…sauce on steroids!

Add a bit of booze? Check out our Curious
Festive Cocktails.


Bringing a brand to life, telling unforgettable stories through engaging experiences or simply surprising guests with a little fabulousness – we know how to create brand events that deliver phenomenal moments by the bucketful.

Mad science and crazy props not your thing? We’ll keep it simple and use your branding to do the talking while impressing guests with every whizz, bang and pop that our Nitro Desserts have to offer!


If we had a calling card, Halloween would be it!

Blood curdling syringe cocktails followed by billowing clouds of vapour and enough fake blood to fill a swimming pool!

We’ve done everything from Resident Evil to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde via Nightmare on Elm Street and back again.

Call us to find out what terrifying creations we can conjure up for your fright night…

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